IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-2004 (seil%2fb1_firmware, seil%2fneu_2fe_plus_firmware, seil%2fturbo_firmware, seil%2fx1_firmware, seil%2fx2_firmware, seil%2fx86_firmware, seil/b1, seil/neu_2fe_plus, seil/turbo, seil/x1, se

    The PPP Access Concentrator (PPPAC) on SEIL SEIL/x86 routers 1.00 through 3.10, SEIL/X1 routers 1.00 through 4.50, SEIL/X2 routers 1.00 through 4.50, SEIL/B1 routers 1.00 through 4.50, SEIL/Turbo routers 1.80 through 2.17, and SEIL/neu 2FE Plus routers 1.80 through 2.17 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (session termination or concentrator outage) via a crafted TCP packet.
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