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IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-9278

    The OpenSSH server, as used in Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and when running in a Kerberos environment, allows remote authenticated users to log in as another user when they are listed in the .k5users file of that user, which might bypass intended authentication requirements that would force a local login.

    IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-9117

      MantisBT before 1.2.18 uses the public_key parameter value as the key to the CAPTCHA answer, which allows remote attackers to bypass the CAPTCHA protection mechanism by leveraging knowledge of a CAPTCHA answer for a public_key parameter value, as demonstrated by E4652 for the public_key value 0.

      IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-4629

        EMC Documentum Content Server 7.0, 7.1 before 7.1 P10, and 6.7 before SP2 P19 allows remote authenticated users to read or delete arbitrary files via unspecified vectors related to an insecure direct object reference.

        IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-5429

          DNP Master Driver 3.02 and earlier in Elipse SCADA 2.29 build 141 and earlier, E3 1.0 through 4.6, and Elipse Power 1.0 through 4.6 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (CPU consumption) via malformed packets.

          IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-6140

            IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Mobile Device Management (MDM) before 9.0.60100 uses the same secret HMAC token across different customers' installations, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via crafted marshalled Ruby objects in cookie to (1) Enrollment and Apple iOS Management Extender, (2) Self-service portal, (3) Trusted Services provider, or (4) Admin Portal.

            IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-7251

              XML external entity (XXE) vulnerability in the WebHMI server in Yokogawa Electric Corporation FAST/TOOLS before R9.05-SP2 allows local users to cause a denial of service (CPU or network traffic consumption) or read arbitrary files via unspecified vectors.

              IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-9292

                Server-side request forgery (SSRF) vulnerability in proxy.php in the jRSS Widget plugin 1.2 and earlier for WordPress allows remote attackers to trigger outbound requests and enumerate open ports via the url parameter.

                IT outsourcing Kemerovo CVE-2014-9215 (pbboard)

                  SQL injection vulnerability in the CheckEmail function in includes/functions.class.php in PBBoard 3.0.1 before 20141128 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the email parameter in the register page to index.php. NOTE: the email parameter in the forget page vector is already covered by CVE-2012-4034.2.